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About LivRing

Learn more about how to get the most out of your LivRing.

The Do's

• Get comfortable before inserting LivRing. You only do it once a week, and it’s a breeze!

• Get excited about always having enough moisture and lubrication for sex. No more lube before sex or 2-3 day solutions. LivRing brings peace of mind for longer.

• Store LivRings in a safe spot. Most women store theirs next to their tampons, cups, discs.

The Don'ts

• Get discouraged if you have to reinsert LivRing the first time you use it. Like discs and cups, LivRing can take a time or two to get used to. But it’ll be like riding a bike in no time!

• Worry if you leave it in during sex! LivRing’s moisture will supplement your natural lubrication throughout the entire day and is safe to leave in while having sex.

• Spend more time suffering. LivRing is finally here!

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