What is LivRing?

LivRing is a clinically-tested lubricating intravaginal ring that can be inserted for up to 7 days to provide vaginal moisture and lubrication and enhance the ease and comfort of sex.

LivRing is biocompatible. It is made from flexible and elastic biomedical-grade hydrophilic polyurethane and contains a simple lubricant (made solely from USP-grade glycerin, sodium chloride and water).

LivRing is the first and only intravaginal ring that is FDA-cleared as a vaginal lubricant and vaginal moisturizer. At 55” x 5” mm (2.2” x 0.2”), it is similar in size to currently marketed vaginal ring products (e.g., NuvaRing, Estring, Femring).

How does it work?

When LivRing is inserted into the vagina, the lubricant is released over time through the semi-permeable, polyurethane outer membrane. LivRing has been clinically validated to enhance vaginal lubrication and moisture during sex when a new ring is inserted once every 7 days. LivRing can be worn continuously for up to 7 days as it is designed to stay in place during any daily activities. LivRing can also remain inserted during sex and is compatible with natural rubber latex, polyurethane, and polyurethane male condoms, as well as the FC2 female condom.

Why use a Ring for lubrication?

LivRing enhances the ease and comfort of sex without many of the downsides of products you may currently recommend or prescribe to patients experiencing vaginismus, dyspareunia, atrophic vaginitis or general vaginal dryness symptoms. First, it does not require direct, messy application of lube, and because LivRing provides continuous lubrication and moisture, it enhances spontaneity by eliminating the need to apply right before sex. Last but not least, LivRing enhances the ease and comfort of sex without needing any active pharmaceutical ingredients or being made with hormones or fragrances.