“I liked the moisture it provided, which made sex so much more enjoyable – finally, no more pain!”

“The LivRing made me feel more naturally moist – definitely not greasy. Easy to insert. Easy to remove.”

“I’ve been very pleased with not experiencing dryness and itching! And it is available without a prescription. Fantastic!”

“I love the LivRing; it’s easy, comfortable and provides long-lasting relief – for me, seven days’ worth with each ring.”

“It felt like the ring improved lubrication during the day and during sex – including spontaneous sex!”

“LivRing made me feel alive again with just the right amount of lubrication; I just put it in and forget about it.”


1. Get into a comfortable position to insert the ring. This could be lying down, squatting, or standing with one leg up.

2. Hold it between your thumb and index finger, pressing opposite sides of the ring together, or you may want to twist it into a Figure 8.

3. Place the tip of the ring in your vaginal opening and then push the ring gently inside, up and towards your back. If you feel any discomfort, try gently pushing the ring further in (the ring will not get lost in your body).

4. Now, forget about it. You’re set for a whole week!


Remove each LivRing after seven days of use.

1. Get into a comfortable position.
2. Put your index finger into your vagina and hook it through the ring and gently pull downward and forward.
3. Discard the used ring in the trash – do not flush the ring down a toilet.
4. Insert your new ring according to the instructions provided above!

For complete usage, insertion/removal instructions, warnings and other useful product information, see the instructions of use!

“The LivRing was very easy to insert with the added lubrication that wasn’t greasy or sticky. After just a day of use, I began experiencing a lot more vaginal lubrication than I have had in my entire life. It wasn’t messy or gushy, but it felt comfortable, and I definitely felt ready for intimacy. Love it!”

— Cathleen; Burbank, CA


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